A Day in the Life at Codes Dispensary, Hannibal, MO: Your new Favorite Cannabis Destination

Welcome to the behind-the-scenes of Codes Dispensary – one of Hannibal, MO’s top cannabis dispensaries. Over the years, we’ve sculpted a unique environment where customers can feel welcome while exploring the world of cannabis. Many people come through our doors, from first-time users to seasoned connoisseurs, and every interaction feels uniquely rewarding.

A Look into Our Morning Routine

Every morning, we start the day by deeply cleaning our display cases and ensuring every product is correctly labeled and presented. Then, we review our stock, taking note of any products that are running low and placing orders as necessary. If there are new strains or products, we make sure to learn about them, so we can informatively introduce them to our customers.

Assisting Customers, one at a Time

Throughout the day, our main focus is you – the customer. Whether they are familiar with cannabis or absolutely new to it, we ensure that every person who walks through our doors feels comfortable and well-informed. Guiding someone towards the right product for them is a responsibility we take very seriously.

We offer a wide variety of products including flowers, edibles, concentrates and more. Each customer comes to us with a unique set of needs and preferences. Our job is to understand their perspective and guide them towards the products most suitable for them.

End of the Day: Stock Up & Clean Up

As the day winds down, we take care of a bit of administrative work, stock taking, and tidying up the dispensary. We will thoroughly clean the dispensary, restock the shelves if needed, and ensure that every surface is sanitized for the next day.

In the end, working at Codes Dispensary is more than a day job. It’s about providing expertise, guidance, and offering a safe and secure environment for customers to explore the benefits of Cannabis. And that makes it all worthwhile.