A Day in the Life at New Standard: Behind the Scenes in Our Cannabis Provisioning Centers

Step into a day in the life at New Standard, where wouldn’t be just another day at the office. For someone looking for a typical 9-5 job, this isn’t it. At New Standard, we’re pushing the boundaries, exploring uncharted territories, and redefining the cannabis industry with our strive to maintain premium quality.

Welcoming Dawn with Deliveries

Our day begins early. As the first light of dawn flickers through the Provisioning Centers, deliveries of fresh cannabis begin. Each carefully labeled and sealed package tells a story of our growers commitment to cultivation, and how meticulously they worked to harvest the products.

Quality Assurance Comes Next

Post reaching us, each product is rigorously inspected for quality. Our dedicated staff members use both their knowledge and tools at their disposal to ensure the product aligns with our quality norms. After all, we aren’t just about providing cannabis; we’re about providing standard-setting, best-in-class cannabis.

Personalized Customer Service

The mid-day routine transition into a customer-centric environment; our provisioning centers become a bustling place of customer interaction. Whether someone’s curious about cannabis or a seasoned user, our well-trained staff ensure to provide ample information about the wide range of products that we offer.

Training and Learning

As the day winds down, the learning begins. At New Standard, we believe in the continuous growth of our staff members. Training sessions, workshops, webinars are a regular part of our schedule. It’s not just about providing service; it’s about building a knowledgeable community that backs the cannabis movement.

A day at New Standard symbolizes the commitment to transform the perception around cannabis and provide exceptional service to our customers. We invite you to contact us and explore more about our cannabis provisioning centers.