Experience the Best of Lebanon, ME with East Coast Cannabis

Nestled in the charming town of Lebanon, ME, East Coast Cannabis is much more than a premium cannabis dispensary—it’s a cornerstone of a bustling community brimming with interesting and fun activities. A visit to us means not just securing the top-shelf cannabis goods you need, but also an opportunity to explore and enjoy the beauty of our home and its surroundings.

Your Day Begins at East Coast Cannabis

Start your day off light with a trip to our inviting and customer-friendly dispensary. Our courteous and knowledgeable staff will guide you through our extensive selection of premium cannabis products, ensuring you find something that suits your preference. Whether you lean toward soothing indicas, uplifting sativas, or are perhaps tempted by our delectable assortment of cannabis-infused delicacies, East Coast Cannabis has you covered. After your visit to us, it’s time to discover the many gems of Lebanon, ME.

Adventure Awaits in Lebanon, ME

After securing your cannabis goods, engage your adventurous side with a visit to the nearby Two Rivers Wildlife Park. This vast haven of nature lets you marvel at local wildlife while basking in the picturesque beauty of our wonderful town. If you’re into fishing or simply love serene lakeside settings, Milton Three Ponds, is another must-visit spot. Here, you can unwind, fish, or simply enjoy a peaceful day amidst nature.

Savor the Local Cuisine

Feeling peckish after your outdoor exploits? Lebanon, ME is home to an array of eateries that promise to satiate your hunger. From hearty American classics to exotic foreign cuisine, our town’s culinary landscape is as diverse as it is exciting. A local favorite is Train’s Tavern, known for their delicious food and friendly staff. This is a fantastic spot to wind down your day, enjoy a great meal, and reflect on your enjoyable day exploring Lebanon, ME.

With East Coast Cannabis as your starting point, an amazing day packed with adventure, local flavour, and naturally beautiful sights awaits you. Come discover what makes Lebanon, ME an unparalleled destination for cannabis enthusiasts and adventurers alike.